Let’s be adventurous…well on our own way


Hi folks,

It has been a while.. So we thought let’s check our picture folder! Not much in there though! haha

We have been busy as you might have noticed. So we didn’t have much time to make photos and actually we think we’re really losing some inspiration… NOT GOOD!! maybe it’s a winter depression..

We have been busy with arranging our trip to Thailand and Malaysia (which you see under the tab travel 😉 ) We also have been busy with studying, work and enjoying our holiday.

We even managed to finish a whole season of Dexter in one day! Shame on us! hahaha..

We really have to say, it;s a great serie!


Okay back to the photo..

This photo was taken on Phu Quoc Island. We found this little spot while driving on a motorcycle actually on a really strange way though.  Let’s go  back to this moment..

We rented a motorcycle back in our hotel/guesthouse and asked what the owner would recommend to see on the island. He gave us a little map which was actually a small hand drawn map with some X’s as marked highlights. While driving on the island and trying to figure out where to go and how to get there, we descided to eventually take our own route and discover the island and get lost..

We thought let’s be adventurous!So we descided to take a random right, and drove up a sandy road that eventually led us to a pagoda (temple).


sandy road



3 thoughts on “Let’s be adventurous…well on our own way

  1. thank you very much! We indeed have a lot to do.. but then in our “free” time we are a bit lazy I think.. so maybe it IS a winter depression .. I don’t know
    Everything seems just so much better when the sun shines..

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