Itinerary Thailand and Malaysia

Dear Followers,

It’s been a while, but we’re busy planning our trip and finishing all our school stuf. We finally agreed which places we’re going to visit in Thailand and Malaysia.

In less than 2 months we’re on a plane to Bangkok 😀 Soooo excited!

Suggestions on off the beaten track/path routes or activities are more than welcome!You can also make donations to fund our trip..   :O hihi.. just kidding! well we’re still students..!

Our Itinerary

Places we’re going to visit in Thailand :
Chiang Mai

Places we’re going to visit in Malaysia :
Kuala Lumpur
Cameron Highlands
Perhentian Island


Rafael & Aimée

















53 thoughts on “Itinerary Thailand and Malaysia

  1. Good luck on your trip. case you don’t already know, it will be the hot/wet season in Thailand. try to get your sightseeing/shopping done in the morning, the thunderstorms and humidity build up in the afternoon, then an almighty deluge like you have never seen will soak anybody out and about …..find a bar or restaurant and just wait it out, it will not rain for ever. the temperature and humidity drops considerably, I rather like the rainy season.
    thanks for visiting my blog, Mike

  2. So…since I’m essentially doing a trial run of your trip, it seemed like I should take a minute and give you some of my thoughts on the places I’ve been, skipped, and didn’t get to (but kinda want to…).

    laces we’re going to visit in Thailand :
    Bangkok – Super Overwhelmingly huge. It gets HOT HOT HOT there, so between the jetlag and the heat, plan to get up as early as possible, attack whatever sights you’ve targeted for the day, and then find somewhere to chill out during the mid-afternoon. Re:Taxis – Push for them to put their meters on…most won’t want to and don’t be surprised if they just drive off when you ask them to. Between the taxis and tuk-tuks, you’ll find more people looking to take advantage of you than in the entire rest of the city.

    Ayutthaya – Didn’t make it.
    Kanchanaburi – Didn’t make it.

    Chiang Mai – (a) Depending on your schedule consider Pai and the 3ish hour drive north. (b) Awesome town. You’ll initially want to spend your time in the ‘square’, but if you rent bicycles you can get out a little further and see some more of the town’s offerings. Try to have a fresh-fruit shake at least once a day. They are the cheapest and purest in all of Thailand and you won’t have to pay extra for ‘no ice and no sugar.’

    Krabi – Didn’t make it…I’ve heard good and bad.

    How are you getting from Thailand to Malaysia? I’m guessing the train from Krabi Town to Penang? has a listing of the times (if I remember correctly there are only two trains), but the process is extremely easy and painless. You’ll stop for customs on the border – make sure you KEEP your papers from when you entered Thailand since you’ll need to give the ‘exit’ piece of the paperwork to emigration when you leave.

    Places we’re going to visit in Malaysia :
    Kuala Lumpur – I’m here now; the city is huge. I’m fairly sure it’s larger than BKK. There’s a light-rail system that allows you to get around and it’s pretty cheap. I’m not sure what your itinerary is…but hopefully you’re leaving from here. There are so many shopping malls it’s insane, and I doubt you want to carry all of those new clothes/shoes/ect around the rest of the country after shopping.

    Cameron Highlands – No need to comment here; I think you just read what I wrote.

    Ipoh – I’ve heard anything from “not much to see” and “worth a day trip” to “really good Malay food” and “really cool cultural spot.” It’s a really short drive from CH though.

    Penang – Loved. Didn’t check out the mainland portion though.

    Langkawi – The western side of the country was monsooning when I came through so I skipped. I’ve heard that the three distinct beach areas will play into what sort of experience you have – so look into where you’re booking in relation to what you want to do.

    Perhentian Island – If you look online you’d think that there are a limited number of places to book for accommodation. It seems that very few places there utilize booking/hostels/hostelworld/agoda/ect. I may still have the list of all of the places to stay on both islands in my bag – let me know and I can type out the names and such.

    Melaka – Depending on if I blow off my ticket to Bali or not I may or may not make it there…

    Hope this helps. Not sure how much planning v. winging you two are doing.

    • Hiii.. Thank you soooo much!
      really nice of you to give us your thoughts on these places!

      About how we get from Bangkok tot Kuala lumpur. We booked a really cheap plane ticket, that’s about half way our 6 week trip!

      Pai we will definitely reconsider! we heard about it, I think because of it’s elephant trips.. But still don’t know if we’re gonna make it!

      Melaka, I’m very curious about. Because a blogger that reacted earlier, said Melaka was not really worth spending we’ll see!

      For how long are you travelling now than? Because You’re saying you’ll also go to Indonesia! Sounds amazing!!! enjoy your trip!! and again thanks for all the info..

      By the way LOVE reading your blog! really nice to get some info and see the pictures.. 🙂

      Aimée & Rafael

      • I apparently missed this – I’m sorry. In order that they are listed on my paper they run counter-clockwise from the west side of the island to the south:

        Perhentian Island Resort
        Coral View Island Resort
        The Reef Tropical
        Paradise Island Resort
        Mama’s Chalet
        Cozy & Cocohut Chalet
        Suhalia Place
        D’Ayumi Chalet
        Tuna Bay Resort
        Abdul Chalet
        Ever Fresh
        Flora Bay Resort
        Fauna Beach Chalet
        Bayu Dive Lodge
        Samudera Chalet
        Perhentian Arwana Resort

        Also – I’m in Malacca right now. It’s a so-so little town. There are two main ‘tourist’ streets with some old churches and whatnot to look at, and a river to walk down. What there are a LOT of, are really cool looking locally created clothing, art, and souvenir shops. Obviously all of those things take up space in a bag, so if you’re near the end of your trip when you make it here it could work out.

        Realistically you could do the city as a day-trip from KL and not feel like you missed much. Buses run from KL about every 30 minutes to an hour and (I paid) $4 for the one way. Two days is the most you would need.

        • sorry for our late reply.
          But thank you very much for your list this would be very helpful.
          Yes we heard that mallaca is small, we are planning to stay there for 2 days and then we are heading to KL.
          Just 19 days till we leave!

  3. Excited to read about your trip! Particularly looking forward to seeing what you think of Penang too, as that was my favourite stop on my Asian travels last year! Enjoy!

    • Hi Carl,
      Thank you! hope you will enjoy reading 😉
      We’re very excited to go!! and we read a lot of good things about Penang! If you have any suggestions on things to do, must sees, eat… let us know!

      Rafael & Aimée

  4. Hello there.. Thanks for visiting my blog.. I just came back from Krabi and Phuket.. It’s a wonderful place to visit if you love island hopping and snorkeling activities.. I’m from Malaysia and I would like to welcome you to my country in advance.. Visiting the capital city of Malaysia is a must.. My hometown is in Ipoh, I have to agree there’s nothing much to see in Ipoh but you might want to consider visiting limestone cave, Gua Tempurung which is about half an hour from Ipoh Town. Cameron Highland is famous for tea plantations and strawberry farms.. It’s about one hour drive from Ipoh.. Its worth going to both Penang and Malacca. There are so many places to visit and many kind of foods to try.. Every culture have their signature dishes and Malacca is famous for Baba and Nyonya’s food.. Best of luck on your next trip~

    • Hello,

      Thank you for your comment. Hope you liked Krabi & Phuket.
      We Will definitely try Baba & Nyonya’s food we’ve seen some pictures over the internet and it looked delicious.

  5. Hi there!

    Hope you have a fantastic trip – the places you have chosen are going to be AMAZING! If you are really into food I suggest taking the Bangkok walking food tour either at night or during the day – it’s a great way to be introduced to street food 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

    • Oh one other very cool thing in bangkok for food, look on line for ‘cooking with poo’. Great story of one woman’s rise from the Klong Toey slum into an internationally published sensation. Definetly not your average tourist booking. Let me know if you book it, I may join you and take some photos! Enjoy your travels! Best of luck.

  6. Sounds like an amazing trip! I spend a few months in Thailand and if you have time do go over to some of the islands. If you are in Krabi hop over to the Phi Phi islands: stunning. Would also recommend Kho Ta for somewhere really chilled and good for scuba diving. If you want to get off the beaten track in Bangkok look up Monks Bowl Village…you will need a good map. Enjoy your trip and message me if I can help with any more info. Happy travels!

  7. Hi thank you for coming by my food blog! 😀 I just got it started and it’s great to see some visitors!

    I see that you are planning to go to Malaysia, my home country. I would sincerely suggest Lang Tengah Island and Tioman Island for more lay back, clearer sea water and amazing view islands. They are 100% paradises! Langkawi is quite touristic in my opinion. And when you go to Melaka, try the restaurant named Geographer, it has live music, great typical local food and atmosphere. And you should definitely go get to know about Nyonya culture in Melaka. (Ask for a private tour to an old Nyonya home museum) 🙂

    I get excited to tell all these, I hope you don’t mind! But feel free to ask me more if you’d like to know more about Malaysia from a different perspective. And be really, really careful for robbery and other crimes… Enjoy your trip! 😉

    • thank you all for the replies and recommendations 🙂 Really enjoyable to read! Eva Wong, thanks for the info. We really like to get this sort of info.. AND we definitely wan’t to know more.. so feel free to tell al about nice places to visit and must sees. I have to tell that the places we’re going to visit are already sort of fixed! Because of time pressure and everything.. So if you have some nice recommendations for these places, that would be nice!

      Thank you very much and good luck with your new blog 😉

      Rafael & Aimée

    • Thank you very much! It indeed takes some effort, but we love to share our storiesand give some usable info. At the end of out trip we will be adding some more tips about more practical things 🙂
      Thank you very much for your kind reply! Hope you’ll enjoy our blog.

      Rafael & Aimée

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