Our flight to Bangkok

Dear followers,

We’re sorry that it took us so long, but the internet in our current hotel is very slow and we have to pay for it. So we rarely use it! Also we have been pretty busy thus far and therefore not enough time to write about it. But WE’RE IN BANGKOK!!!! And it’s soooooo hot!

Our flight to Doha, which was our first stop, was really nice! We flew with Qatar and we had the pleasure to fly with a very new plane! It contained windows which colored darker instead of the old fashioned curtains. We’ve never seen this before! But it was pretty awesome.

When we landed in Qatar it was about 23pm Qatar time and still 37 degrees Celcius, so we were pretty happy we didn’t have an earlier flight. The bus brought us to the terminal and the accompanied shopping area. Here you could shop for the newest Lamborghini a BMW 7 special limited limousine edition or a bottle of alcohol for about €12.000. Because this was somewhat over our budget, we only bought a bottle of water J

Pretty fast after that, it was boarding time! We had to take the bus which would take us to our plane. WHAT A RIDE! We didn’t even notice that the airport was so big, until we went with the bus to our plane! This was a complete city. Gigantic!

The flight to Bangkok seemed never ending. But we made it to Bangkok airport 😉 From here we took the skytrain to our hotel. This went pretty smooth, especially because the hotel is right in front of one station.

Arrived at the hotel we showered and figured we had to beat the jetlag, and just go on without sleeping. Great idea! NOT! Super tired, we went to the Siam shopping center, which was way to expensive for us. Then we went to MBK mall, which also has some stalls in it selling clothes, shoes, souvenirs and a lot of other things. They also have a food island on the 6th floor at which we ate three very nice dishes for about 170 THB (€4.19).



Rafael & Aimée

IMG_1258 IMG_1266 IMG_1283 IMG_1296 IMG_1306


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