Bangkok Pingpong Show

Dear Followers,

The second day we were actually planning to go to the grand palace. But we woke up pretty late and still had to have breakfast. So we took the sky-train to Siam and were planning to get a bus over there. But after asking directions to about 20 people and asking which bus to take, everybody didn’t know and nobody spoke English. So we decided to start walking with the help of our little map. While walking we incidentally asked some people for directions to check if we were still walking in the right direction. When telling we were walking to the grand palace they say we were crazy! Haha. And YES we were. After about 8 kilometers or something, we arrived at the grand palace. Here people told us that it was Buddhist day and all temples were closed and that they could arrange some other trips. We obviously didn’t fall for that one! They also told us that we could not enter the grand palace without long pants and had to go elsewhere. It is true though, that we had to wear long pants, but you can borrow some inside the grand palace. There are also hundreds of street sellers at the entrance of the grand palace selling long pants and telling you cannot enter without. You better just walk inside and borrow a pants or skirt for I think 200thb, which you get back after returning the clothes. Furthermore the entrance fee has increased to 500thb p.p. which is pretty expensive in my opinion.  With some big blisters from the flipflops, we walked to the bus station, from which we took a bus back to the skytrain. This only cost 7 thb per person doesn’t matter where you get of! WHY THE HELL DID WE WALK? Hahaha..

At night we went to Patpong market near the train station. Here you can visit the night market, which is one long street selling all sorts of souvenirs and clothes. In the alley  there are a lot of bars offering pingpong shows, if you know what we mean in thai terms (where thai  girls shoot pingpong balls with their….. 😉 you know what we’re trying to say here). Obviously we didn’t go there, although we were kind of curious how they did it. We did get some offers  to go to these pingpong shows.. but kindly denied.


Rafael & Aimée

IMG_1523 IMG_1482 IMG_1374


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