Impressive Bangkok

Dear Followers,

Today we went to the grand palace, this time we took the bus, which went pretty smoothly. The grand palace is pretty beautiful, but there are way too many tourists, which makes it very hard to enjoy the place. We walked through the palace pretty fast and headed to Songkrahn forensic museum. We took a boat to the other side of the river which was pretty hectic. At the other side we had to walk through a little market, selling A LOT of food!

We bought a coconut from one food stall and enjoyed it. The museum itself is pretty hard to find, because you have to walk through alleys. But if you just ask a local, they are happy to help you. Once we got there, we paid an entrée fee of 200 thb per person, which allows you to enjoy 5 museums. We think this 200thb in this museum was a better investment than the grand palace, but it depends on what you like. Soooo the museums are really shocking, because they show real preserved babies , lots of human parts, a head slided in two parts, body parts with tattoos on them from unidentified people drowned in the tsunami (tourists), mummified rapists etc. We were a bit lightheaded while visiting this museum but it is really impressive!

Later at night, when we got back to the hotel, Aimée wasn’t feeling well. So we went to bed early. She puked the whole night. Luckily Rafael was there to comfort her. Hopefully she will be better for tomorrow, because we’re heading to Ayutthaya.

Stay tuned for our next adventure


Rafael & Aimée


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