The small city of ayutthaya


Dear followers, ( sorry we’re behind schedule cuz we’re way too busy)


Today we’re heading to Ayutthaya, Aimée still isn’t feeling well. But felt okay to get into a bus. We woke up at 7.00am Hoping to get the bus at 9.00am and arrive in Ayutthaya around 10.30am. Well that didn’t work out. We arrived at 13.30pm. So this took us a little more time to expected. This was caused by the skytrain that was overly full! So we didn’t fit in there with our backpacks. When we finally fitted in we went to Mo chit station. Here we had to walk through a pretty big park, while it was super hot and we didn’t eat anything yet. When we finally arrived at the bus terminal, we experienced our next little adventure. There was a ticket counter right outside the station, with official signs and everything, selling tickets to Ayutthaya for 200thb per person. We thought this was way too much, but since all the prices went up compared to what the lonely planet reports, we thought this was okay. But when the driver brought us to the bus and we had to go inside, we saw that the whole place was FULL of ticket counters.  We walked just through it and followed the driver. But arriving at the “bus” this was a little minivan! We knew that we had to take a coach instead of a minivan, so we started a little discussion. To our surprise we got our money back and we went to the next ticket counter. Here, tickets were sold for 65thb, which was already a lot cheaper than the little minivan. But walking further into the station we found a ticket for only 50thb. So this was the one we took.

Arrived in Ayutthaya we visited a couple of wats. Very beautiful and much less tourists than in Bangkok. People are also much nicer here.

The next day we visited 2 other wats and the floating market. The wats are all really beautiful and quite. After visiting the wats we had a little stop at Lung Lek, highly recommended in the lonely planet, so we thought we should definitely try. But unfortunately, it was quite disappointing compared to our earlier meals. It didn’t really taste like much. But okay! It is nicely located in between some wats. We met a little babygirl at the restaurant which was very cute, and super curious. We gave her some cookies and made some beautiful pictures of her, which she obviously wanted to see on the little screen on the back. 😀

After lunch we went to the floating market, which was pretty nice, but again lots of tourists! You could ride elephants here, see tigers, feed fish from a baby bottle and lots of other stuff. Furthermore there were a lot of food stalls and stalls selling other little things. Tonight we’re heading back to Bangkok to visit the famous chatuchak market tomorrow!



Rafael & Aimée


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