Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai


Sawadee (hello) dear followers,

Today we brought a visit to Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai. This is one of the thing we were really excited and nervous about! We rented a motorbike and drove about 12 km to Tiger Kingdom. When we saw the first tigers we already felt pretty nervous. WOW these animals are really big!

You could choose between babies, small, medium and big cats. We chose the last option. We first had to sign a contract in which you state that tiger kingdom is not responsible for any injuries. Thereafter you can go into the area in which you can look at all different sizes of tigers from outside the cage.

Now after this the REAL THING started. We went into the cage! We started with a fat tiger, which was very lazy and didn’t move a lot. This one was really cute and it gave us a somewhat save feeling.

The next one was a little bit more active. This one turned his head to us and I was really shocked and asked the trainer immediately if this was okay. To which he replied that this was completely normal, because the tiger just wanted to see what was going on.

The next tiger was even more active. He was a bit grumpy, growning, jumping up and walking around. A bit scary though!

The last tiger was super active. The trainers were trying to let the tiger jump by bullying him with a stick with some kind of toy on it. We really didn’t feel safe at that moment. We were standing in front of the tiger and didn’t had anywhere to go. But luckily everything went well.

We made beautiful pics! We spent 15 minutes in the cage and made about 800 pics. We still have to edit the photos, but here is a little preview.

Stay tuned for our next adventure,


Rafael & Aimée


4 thoughts on “Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai

    • hahah yeah. There were all kinds of tigers! But the first one was being called the lazy one.. and he definitely was.. But there are also more active tigers.
      The Tiger Kingdom claims they’re not using any tranquilizer or drug to calm down the animals and experiencing the tiger’s behavior this could be true.

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