the 1237 steep steps of wat tham seua, Krabi

Hello dear followers,

Our first planwas to book a tour to Bamboo Island, just enoying the sun, doing nothing and RELAX! But unfortunately there were no tours available because of Eid al-Fitr (end of the Ramadan). So our back-up plan was to visit wat tham seua.. Which initially doesn’t sound bad at al! Untill you see the 1273 steep steps you have to climb to reach the wat.!!

But we started of with good energy ! at least, for the first few steps.. When the steps got steeper, we started to get really exhausted.. and OMG still soooo many steps to go.. Why are we doing this again??

On our way up, we saw lots of tourists coming down, giving us some positive energy by saying : “You can do it”, “You’re almost there” and “it’s really worth it when you get there” so that was really nice and kept us going.

When we finally reached the top the view was amazing!! Sadly enough it started to rain really hard! But the good thing about that, is that it was instantly much cooler. So after this short shower we went back down.. Yesss again those 1273 steps. This however was a lot easier.. We were acting like we were really relaxed, sort of running down these stairs.. Although our legs were soooo shaky.. We thought to just act normal and put on our pokerface.. 😀

One tip when visiting this wat: Please bring your water. On the top there’s free water though, but you really need water walking up those stairs!


Rafael & Aimée



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