Amazing Kuala Lumpur..

Selemat Petang dear followers,

We’re sorry that it took us so long, but we were a bit busy discovering Kuala Lumpur! And WAUW what a city..! We´ve done a lot the past few days, but we´ll try to make a short summation.

We have been to some malls, which Kuala Lumpur has a lot of! Lots of them sell really expensive brands, which are not really for the backpacker´s wallet, but there are some “cheaper” stores.

Furthermore we went to KLCC Park, which is a very beautiful and well maintained park right in front of the famous Petronas Towers.  Here you’ll find a swimming pool (which is more of a foot bath) and a big playground (all free). This park is really nice for relaxing and meeting up with locals. Lots of locals asked us if they could make a pic with us!!Which we did off course!But we thought this was kind of funny..

Also we went to Aquaria KLCC. Unfortunately, it was really busy which made it hard to see all the fish. One cool thing though: In the beginning you have  a “touch pool”. Here you can touch sea cucumbers, sea stars, baby sharks and king crabs.

We also went to the famous skybar at the 33th flour of the Traders Hotel. From here you can look out at the Petronas towers. Which is very nice IF you have a window table. We showed up at about 18.45 and sort of all window tables were reserved for hotel guests. The ones that weren’t where already taken (So if you want to go here, make sure to be very early!). So we had a table a bit further from the window, but the view was still okay! Although we think you can make better pictures from the park. But overall the experience was pretty nice.

Furthermore we visited the chow kit wet market, in which you can find all kinds of fresh product, including cow heads !! blood all over the place and OMG what a smell..! But the people are very nice and it is a good market for photography and learning about new products.

Our hotel was located in Jalan Petaling Night Market, so we walked through this market everyday (a few times). Here you can get all fakery imaginable.! Handbags, glasses, shoes, headphones, watches etc. It’s a bit overpriced though! Because we even found it cheaper in a mall.

Finally we went to little India, where there was a ceremony going on. We walked through the temple for a while and went back to the hotel.


Rafael & Aimée


2 thoughts on “Amazing Kuala Lumpur..

    • You’re welcome 😀 Hope you can use them.. we will post more practical tips on the end of our trip (which is after 6 september), but if you have any questions please ask them!
      Enjoy your trip!! it’s going to be amazing

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