Cameron Highlands, Boh Tea

Hello dear followers,

Cameron Highlands was amazingly beautiful, with all the tea plantations, the strawberry- and cactus valleys and all the other farms.

The first day we went to Mardi Agro Technology Park, which is a farm that cultivates all kinds of flowers, herbs and vegies.  Very nice! Here after we went to a little park. Here we saw a family celebrating the birthday of a boy with some slices of pizza (instead of cake). Out of the sudden we heard people sing from a distance. So, we went closer to watch where this was coming from. A group of children were singing and dancing in the park, so we went a bit closer to watch them. They started waving at us. And then suddenly the whole group came running to us! “Oh oh!!” Nothing bad though! They just wanted to perform for us.. REALLY NICE!! And funny 🙂 They showed us their little dance and asked us to make a picture with us.. that seemed a fair deal..haha

We heard a lot of stories that Cameron Highlands can be quite cold at night, but didn’t realize that the temperature could drop to 15 degrees Celsius. We clearly underestimated the temperature drops! Because it was sort of freezing at night! Especially compared to the day temperatures which can be quite hot.

The next day we rented a motorbike and went to the famous Boh tea Sungai Palace. LOVED IT! It was simply beautiful. We tried some fresh tea and the most delicious cake we ever had (carrot-banana cake: really a MUST TRY).

Here after we went to Raaju hill strawberry farm, where you can see lots of strawberry plants (not really special). However the fresh strawberry juice tastes delicious! After finishing our third piece of cake (of the day) we hopped back on our motorbike and further explored the valleys of Cameron Highlands. The views are pretty amazing, and it’s therefore advisable to rent a motorbike instead of booking a tour.


Rafael & Aimée


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