Ipoh and Pulau Pangkor

Hello dear followers,

Well this time we will be really short.. We had planned to visit Ipoh for 3 days. But unfortunately there was not really much to do here. We arrived from Cameron Highlands around 11 am. So we couldn’t check in at the until until 2 pm. We descided to check out the neighbourhoud (still wearing our long pants from cold Cameron Higlands). This neighbourhood was actually an industrial district, with a few food stalls and a lot of karaoke bars (if you know what we mean). Also there was a big shopping mall, where we went to kill some time!

At around 12 pm. We went back to the hotel to just sit around. We ran into the hotel manager, who was eating his meal. We started talking, and he offered to give us a tour around town, to see the major highlights of Ipoh. Really nice! We saw the caves, where Ipoh is known for and the colonial district. After a few hours we were already done sightseeing. OMG what are we going to do these 3 days!

We descided to stay only two days. The second day we went to Pulau Pangkor to just relax at the beach. Unfortunately the ride with the public bus took longer than the actual beach time!  But it was worth it!

Today we took a bus to Penang, where we’ll be staying tonight, and we like it already! Tomorrow we’re heading to Langkawi. We’ll be back in Penang in a few days.


Rafael & Aimée


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