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It’s already 4 weeks ago that we left Holland for the beautiful Thailand and Malaysia.. time flies! unfortunately. The past 4 days we spent in Langkawi. What a beautiful island. We stayed at the town of Kuah, where unfortunately there’s not a lot to do. However all activities were spread across the island, so it didn’t matter a lot. To get around the island we rented a car, which was very cheap at 150 myr for 4 days.

The first day we went to the cable car (the one I was anxious about for the whole trip already). I have such a fear of height, but yeah Rafael really wanted me to go (and sort of pushed me) so I said yes. Well normally there is a line of about 2 to 3 hours (I read), now there was NONE AT ALL. We could immediately jump into the first cable car.. OMG! The trip to the first station took about 10 minutes. And we have to say IT WAS RALLY HIGH! Even Rafael thought so! At the first platform we enjoyed the beautiful view of the island, took some pics and continued to the second platform, which is actually even higher than the first one. At this second platform we had to climb some stairs to get on a lookout point, where we romantically enjoyed the sunset. The view was amazing! At some point it started to rain (just a tiny little bit), from the distance we saw some dark clouds coming up our way, so we smartly decided to head back down. Luckily we were just in time! Because it started to rain really hard!!


The next day we went to a secluded beach found on virtual tourist (we can’t remember the name sorry!). It is very near to Temurun waterfall and has an own private parking. You have to pay 2 MYR per person to go in there, but on a good day you have the beach almost for yourself! Be aware of the monkeys who steal every piece of food that they see.. Hereafter we went to Temurun waterfalls, which is VERY underrated in the lonely planet! It’s a definitely must see.! And if you like to have some privacy and spent some time with locals instead of tourists, this is the place to be.. Admission is free and you can park in front of it.

We also went to the famous Seven wells afterwards, just to check it out. We have to admit that the views from the top are stunning! BUT there are a lot of tourists over here and it’s quite polluted. We would definitely recommend to visit this place, but not for a really long time. Than Temurun waterfall is definitely a better choice. We thought the day was so nice that the day after we decided to go to the beach and waterfall again 🙂 .

We finished our day by visiting the backpackers area of Langkawi: Pantai Cenang. Here we had a nice sunset diner on the beach, how romantic ! Next to us there was a little table that we think was for a proposal or something. With tablecloth, candle light and a light string in the form of a heart. The day after we had our flight to Penang, so we only visited the jetty point where the eagle of Langkawi is located.



Rafael & Aimée


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