Melaka and the last few days..

Dear followers,

We’re home again! We’ve been in Melaka, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok the last few days. So we’ll give you a short update.

We’ll start with Melaka. This is a very nice little town with lots of Dutch influences. Unfortunately we only spent 2 days here. The town is quite similar to Penang with the old buildings and the same relaxed feeling.  There’s not very much to do in the town apart from sightseeing, however the people are very nice and it’s definitely worth a visit. At the time we were in Melaka, there was a Chinese party going on. They were putting free beer in our hands and were very happy that we joined them.

The next day we went to Kuala Lumpur. Here we slept in little India very close to the central train station. We were so tired that we didn’t do very much that day. We went to Mid Valley Mega Mall for a little while, but were too tired to walk through the whole mall. So we only spent about an hour or so over there.

The next day we went to Bangkok. Here we went to the snake farm, which was very impressive. Here you could see all kinds of snakes. At 2.30 pm there was a snake show, where snake handling was shown. This especially done with different cobra’s and was very exciting! Everyone was holding in their breath while watching the snake handler do his job. We would definitely recommend a visit to the snake farm when you’re in Bangkok, because it really is amazing. Snake shows are held at 2.30 pm. and snake milking at 11 am. Be there in time though, because it can be very busy and there’s only limited space at the arena.

We had an amazing time! Thanks for all the likes and the comments! We didn’t have time to react at everyone, so sorry for that! But we did read every comment! Thanks for following, pictures, videos and practical tips will be coming soon.


Aimée & Rafael


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