Melaka and the last few days..

Dear followers,

We’re home again! We’ve been in Melaka, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok the last few days. So we’ll give you a short update.

We’ll start with Melaka. This is a very nice little town with lots of Dutch influences. Unfortunately we only spent 2 days here. The town is quite similar to Penang with the old buildings and the same relaxed feeling.  There’s not very much to do in the town apart from sightseeing, however the people are very nice and it’s definitely worth a visit. At the time we were in Melaka, there was a Chinese party going on. They were putting free beer in our hands and were very happy that we joined them.

The next day we went to Kuala Lumpur. Here we slept in little India very close to the central train station. We were so tired that we didn’t do very much that day. We went to Mid Valley Mega Mall for a little while, but were too tired to walk through the whole mall. So we only spent about an hour or so over there.

The next day we went to Bangkok. Here we went to the snake farm, which was very impressive. Here you could see all kinds of snakes. At 2.30 pm there was a snake show, where snake handling was shown. This especially done with different cobra’s and was very exciting! Everyone was holding in their breath while watching the snake handler do his job. We would definitely recommend a visit to the snake farm when you’re in Bangkok, because it really is amazing. Snake shows are held at 2.30 pm. and snake milking at 11 am. Be there in time though, because it can be very busy and there’s only limited space at the arena.

We had an amazing time! Thanks for all the likes and the comments! We didn’t have time to react at everyone, so sorry for that! But we did read every comment! Thanks for following, pictures, videos and practical tips will be coming soon.


Aimée & Rafael


Pulau Perhentian Besar

Dear followers,

To celebrate our anniversary of being already together for 11 years we went to Perhentian Besar, which is true paradise! Here we enjoyed the beautiful beach and the clear sea water. We swam between sharks, snorkeled with a big turtle and saw lots of stingrays and other fish.

Unfortunately our trip is almost coming to an end, with only 5 days to go.

We’re now in Melaka for two days, where after we go back to Kuala lumpur. Here we will be staying for 1 day before heading back to Bangkok.

You’ll be hearing from us again soon! For now, just enjoy the beautiful pics from Perhentian Besar 😉


Rafael & Aimée

Pulau Pinang..(Penang)

Dear followers,

As you might know, we’re now at Penang island. We’re currently staying at the famous George Town (world heritage site). Everyone who has visited Penang, knows about Penang hill, Kek lok si temple, tropical fruit farm, butterfly farm and tropical spice garden, war museum etc. These are all highlights of your visit in Penang! And of course we visited them 🙂 But what makes Georgetown such a pleasant city? We think it’s because the city has its own character with all the old buildings, history, street art and the people are super friendly! One thing that we noticed is that almost every single building has a different door! This inspired us to make door photography. Which may sound silly, but it’s really amazing. We will upload them after our trip, for the ones who may be interested.

Soooo.. about Penang, what to say more? You just have to come here and experience it yourself.. And believe us, you won’t regret it!

Tomorrow we’re heading to Pulau Perhentian Besar, which promises to be beautiful.


Rafael & Aimée


Hi dear followers,

It’s already 4 weeks ago that we left Holland for the beautiful Thailand and Malaysia.. time flies! unfortunately. The past 4 days we spent in Langkawi. What a beautiful island. We stayed at the town of Kuah, where unfortunately there’s not a lot to do. However all activities were spread across the island, so it didn’t matter a lot. To get around the island we rented a car, which was very cheap at 150 myr for 4 days.

The first day we went to the cable car (the one I was anxious about for the whole trip already). I have such a fear of height, but yeah Rafael really wanted me to go (and sort of pushed me) so I said yes. Well normally there is a line of about 2 to 3 hours (I read), now there was NONE AT ALL. We could immediately jump into the first cable car.. OMG! The trip to the first station took about 10 minutes. And we have to say IT WAS RALLY HIGH! Even Rafael thought so! At the first platform we enjoyed the beautiful view of the island, took some pics and continued to the second platform, which is actually even higher than the first one. At this second platform we had to climb some stairs to get on a lookout point, where we romantically enjoyed the sunset. The view was amazing! At some point it started to rain (just a tiny little bit), from the distance we saw some dark clouds coming up our way, so we smartly decided to head back down. Luckily we were just in time! Because it started to rain really hard!!


The next day we went to a secluded beach found on virtual tourist (we can’t remember the name sorry!). It is very near to Temurun waterfall and has an own private parking. You have to pay 2 MYR per person to go in there, but on a good day you have the beach almost for yourself! Be aware of the monkeys who steal every piece of food that they see.. Hereafter we went to Temurun waterfalls, which is VERY underrated in the lonely planet! It’s a definitely must see.! And if you like to have some privacy and spent some time with locals instead of tourists, this is the place to be.. Admission is free and you can park in front of it.

We also went to the famous Seven wells afterwards, just to check it out. We have to admit that the views from the top are stunning! BUT there are a lot of tourists over here and it’s quite polluted. We would definitely recommend to visit this place, but not for a really long time. Than Temurun waterfall is definitely a better choice. We thought the day was so nice that the day after we decided to go to the beach and waterfall again 🙂 .

We finished our day by visiting the backpackers area of Langkawi: Pantai Cenang. Here we had a nice sunset diner on the beach, how romantic ! Next to us there was a little table that we think was for a proposal or something. With tablecloth, candle light and a light string in the form of a heart. The day after we had our flight to Penang, so we only visited the jetty point where the eagle of Langkawi is located.



Rafael & Aimée

Ipoh and Pulau Pangkor

Hello dear followers,

Well this time we will be really short.. We had planned to visit Ipoh for 3 days. But unfortunately there was not really much to do here. We arrived from Cameron Highlands around 11 am. So we couldn’t check in at the until until 2 pm. We descided to check out the neighbourhoud (still wearing our long pants from cold Cameron Higlands). This neighbourhood was actually an industrial district, with a few food stalls and a lot of karaoke bars (if you know what we mean). Also there was a big shopping mall, where we went to kill some time!

At around 12 pm. We went back to the hotel to just sit around. We ran into the hotel manager, who was eating his meal. We started talking, and he offered to give us a tour around town, to see the major highlights of Ipoh. Really nice! We saw the caves, where Ipoh is known for and the colonial district. After a few hours we were already done sightseeing. OMG what are we going to do these 3 days!

We descided to stay only two days. The second day we went to Pulau Pangkor to just relax at the beach. Unfortunately the ride with the public bus took longer than the actual beach time!  But it was worth it!

Today we took a bus to Penang, where we’ll be staying tonight, and we like it already! Tomorrow we’re heading to Langkawi. We’ll be back in Penang in a few days.


Rafael & Aimée

Cameron Highlands, Boh Tea

Hello dear followers,

Cameron Highlands was amazingly beautiful, with all the tea plantations, the strawberry- and cactus valleys and all the other farms.

The first day we went to Mardi Agro Technology Park, which is a farm that cultivates all kinds of flowers, herbs and vegies.  Very nice! Here after we went to a little park. Here we saw a family celebrating the birthday of a boy with some slices of pizza (instead of cake). Out of the sudden we heard people sing from a distance. So, we went closer to watch where this was coming from. A group of children were singing and dancing in the park, so we went a bit closer to watch them. They started waving at us. And then suddenly the whole group came running to us! “Oh oh!!” Nothing bad though! They just wanted to perform for us.. REALLY NICE!! And funny 🙂 They showed us their little dance and asked us to make a picture with us.. that seemed a fair deal..haha

We heard a lot of stories that Cameron Highlands can be quite cold at night, but didn’t realize that the temperature could drop to 15 degrees Celsius. We clearly underestimated the temperature drops! Because it was sort of freezing at night! Especially compared to the day temperatures which can be quite hot.

The next day we rented a motorbike and went to the famous Boh tea Sungai Palace. LOVED IT! It was simply beautiful. We tried some fresh tea and the most delicious cake we ever had (carrot-banana cake: really a MUST TRY).

Here after we went to Raaju hill strawberry farm, where you can see lots of strawberry plants (not really special). However the fresh strawberry juice tastes delicious! After finishing our third piece of cake (of the day) we hopped back on our motorbike and further explored the valleys of Cameron Highlands. The views are pretty amazing, and it’s therefore advisable to rent a motorbike instead of booking a tour.


Rafael & Aimée

Amazing Kuala Lumpur..

Selemat Petang dear followers,

We’re sorry that it took us so long, but we were a bit busy discovering Kuala Lumpur! And WAUW what a city..! We´ve done a lot the past few days, but we´ll try to make a short summation.

We have been to some malls, which Kuala Lumpur has a lot of! Lots of them sell really expensive brands, which are not really for the backpacker´s wallet, but there are some “cheaper” stores.

Furthermore we went to KLCC Park, which is a very beautiful and well maintained park right in front of the famous Petronas Towers.  Here you’ll find a swimming pool (which is more of a foot bath) and a big playground (all free). This park is really nice for relaxing and meeting up with locals. Lots of locals asked us if they could make a pic with us!!Which we did off course!But we thought this was kind of funny..

Also we went to Aquaria KLCC. Unfortunately, it was really busy which made it hard to see all the fish. One cool thing though: In the beginning you have  a “touch pool”. Here you can touch sea cucumbers, sea stars, baby sharks and king crabs.

We also went to the famous skybar at the 33th flour of the Traders Hotel. From here you can look out at the Petronas towers. Which is very nice IF you have a window table. We showed up at about 18.45 and sort of all window tables were reserved for hotel guests. The ones that weren’t where already taken (So if you want to go here, make sure to be very early!). So we had a table a bit further from the window, but the view was still okay! Although we think you can make better pictures from the park. But overall the experience was pretty nice.

Furthermore we visited the chow kit wet market, in which you can find all kinds of fresh product, including cow heads !! blood all over the place and OMG what a smell..! But the people are very nice and it is a good market for photography and learning about new products.

Our hotel was located in Jalan Petaling Night Market, so we walked through this market everyday (a few times). Here you can get all fakery imaginable.! Handbags, glasses, shoes, headphones, watches etc. It’s a bit overpriced though! Because we even found it cheaper in a mall.

Finally we went to little India, where there was a ceremony going on. We walked through the temple for a while and went back to the hotel.


Rafael & Aimée