photos of the elephant trip, Chiang Mai

This post is ment for the people who went on the elephant trip with us.. We promised to upload the photos of the elephant trip. The pictures are made by one of the mahout (elephat trainer). To copy the pics just right click on the picture and save as..

Here are your pictures guys 😀 Hope you enjoy!


Rafael & Aimée


the 1237 steep steps of wat tham seua, Krabi

Hello dear followers,

Our first planwas to book a tour to Bamboo Island, just enoying the sun, doing nothing and RELAX! But unfortunately there were no tours available because of Eid al-Fitr (end of the Ramadan). So our back-up plan was to visit wat tham seua.. Which initially doesn’t sound bad at al! Untill you see the 1273 steep steps you have to climb to reach the wat.!!

But we started of with good energy ! at least, for the first few steps.. When the steps got steeper, we started to get really exhausted.. and OMG still soooo many steps to go.. Why are we doing this again??

On our way up, we saw lots of tourists coming down, giving us some positive energy by saying : “You can do it”, “You’re almost there” and “it’s really worth it when you get there” so that was really nice and kept us going.

When we finally reached the top the view was amazing!! Sadly enough it started to rain really hard! But the good thing about that, is that it was instantly much cooler. So after this short shower we went back down.. Yesss again those 1273 steps. This however was a lot easier.. We were acting like we were really relaxed, sort of running down these stairs.. Although our legs were soooo shaky.. We thought to just act normal and put on our pokerface.. 😀

One tip when visiting this wat: Please bring your water. On the top there’s free water though, but you really need water walking up those stairs!


Rafael & Aimée


White water rafting and bareback elephant riding, Chiang Mai

For all the people who did the elephant tour with us: The pictures will be published on our website as soon as possible! We first have to convert the files to Jpeg. Please follow us to receive an notification of our new posts, where we’ll be putting the pictures in.


Dear Followers,

Sunday our elephant trip was on the itinerary. We booked a tour at blue elephant, which gives you private tours, so you don’t end up in a tourist attraction. Pricewise, this was okay! Elephant camps are pricier overall so we think this is okay. Elephants were treated really well at this camp (thai elephant home), so we booked this tour.

The tour consisted of visiting a butterfly/orchid farm, visiting the long neck Karen hill tribe, white water rafting and elephant ride. The first two were not interesting at all. The butterfly/orchid farm was really small. The Karen hill tribe is just a made up tourist village where visitors are sort of forced to buy stuff.

So on to the real deal! White water rafting. This was just amazing. We LOVED it! If you’re into adventure you should definitely do this. When we finished the white water rafting we lunched at the camp. Here they served a really nice lunch, with fried chicken, pat thai, thai spaghetti and all kinds of veggies and fruits. During our lunch we had an amazing view of the river and the mountains.

Hereafter we went to the elephant camp. Where we had to change into mahout (elephant trainer) outfits. Really sexy! 😉

The elephants where somewhat bigger than what we expected! However Rafael wanted “Big boy” the largest of them all. We had a tour through the jungle with the elephant. Hereafter we headed to the river where we could wash them and play with the elephant, getting lifted by the trunk and getting elephant kisses. Soooo cute!

After washing them in the river, we headed back to the camp. We decided to go together on big boy!

Thank you,


Rafael & Aimée

Sunday Walking Street, Chiang Mai

We were really excited to visit this market, because we heard a lot of positive comments.  The market starts at 16.00pm and that’s about the time we arrived there. The market is HUGE! And has everything you can wish for, from food, souvenirs, clothes, handicrafts, thai massages to live music.

We made it our mission to try as many street stall dishes as possible. So we started with eating pastries, local dishes and ended up eating grasshoppers, larva and silkwurms. Actually they don’t taste as bad as you might think. Although you can buy everything here, we unfortunately didn’t.

If you’re getting to the market, just be sure to start early, because it’s a pretty long walk. We started around 4pm and ended around 10pm. Ooooh and if you hear the national anthem, don’t forget to stop walking and stop talking. Because we didn’t know!


Rafael & Aimée

Chiang Mai Zoo and Swimming at Center of the Universe

Dear followers, it’s been a while, so we’re going to post a few stories today. At the moment of writing we are at Chiang Mai airport, where the electricity just went out! Haha.. We’re waiting for our flight to Bangkok, where we will be transferring to Krabi.

A few days ago we went to Chiang Mai Zoo. We initially just wanted to visit this zoo to see the pandas. But the Hippo’s really stole the show. You can get soooo close to the hippos in this zoo, that you can touch them and feed them. This is a real amazing experience. Considering that they are really dangerous animals.

After walking around we also saw the panda’s, what are they lazy! But super cute. We even managed to take a picture of a walking panda, while they normally mostly only sleep.

One tip though, if you want to visit the chiang mai zoo and it’s a hot day, please buy a ticket for the buses. Because we didn’t do it and regretted it! It’s a huge park!

After visiting the zoo we headed to center of the universe, which is a swimming pool. It looks a bit shabby on the outside, but please go inside, because it is really nice! We were almost alone there, sharing the pool with 4 other people.

So if you really want to relax, please visit this place. You won’t regret it.


Rafael & Aimée

Wat Umong and Doi Suthep

Dear followers

Today we brought a visit to Wat Umong and wat Doi Suthep. Wat Umong is located at the foot of the hill and is a little bit hidden in the forest. There were a lot of monks praying at the time we visited, because there was some kind of ceremony. If you want to visit Wat Umong please be sure to wear insect repellant!! Because they will eat you alive here.

Hereafter we went to Doi Suthep, which is located at the top of the mountain. We went there with our motorbike. It was a long curvy way to the top of the hill. But there are some great spots on your way up where you can see the whole city of Chiang Mai. The wat itself is very nice for taking pictures. You can also see the whole city of Chiang Mai from the top. After a brief visit we continued our way up. The road became more narrow and you will see more locals and less tourists. You can have some good food across the palace and there’s also a little market.

To finish our day we visited a Muay Thai training, located in the night bazar district of Chiang Mai.


Rafael & Aimée

Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai


Sawadee (hello) dear followers,

Today we brought a visit to Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai. This is one of the thing we were really excited and nervous about! We rented a motorbike and drove about 12 km to Tiger Kingdom. When we saw the first tigers we already felt pretty nervous. WOW these animals are really big!

You could choose between babies, small, medium and big cats. We chose the last option. We first had to sign a contract in which you state that tiger kingdom is not responsible for any injuries. Thereafter you can go into the area in which you can look at all different sizes of tigers from outside the cage.

Now after this the REAL THING started. We went into the cage! We started with a fat tiger, which was very lazy and didn’t move a lot. This one was really cute and it gave us a somewhat save feeling.

The next one was a little bit more active. This one turned his head to us and I was really shocked and asked the trainer immediately if this was okay. To which he replied that this was completely normal, because the tiger just wanted to see what was going on.

The next tiger was even more active. He was a bit grumpy, growning, jumping up and walking around. A bit scary though!

The last tiger was super active. The trainers were trying to let the tiger jump by bullying him with a stick with some kind of toy on it. We really didn’t feel safe at that moment. We were standing in front of the tiger and didn’t had anywhere to go. But luckily everything went well.

We made beautiful pics! We spent 15 minutes in the cage and made about 800 pics. We still have to edit the photos, but here is a little preview.

Stay tuned for our next adventure,


Rafael & Aimée

Erawan National Park, Kanchanaburi

Dear followers,

Where do we start? Sunday we went to the Chatuchak market in Bangkok, which was enormous consisting of 15.000 stalls in an area of 0.1km2. Can you imagine? However we succeeded to walk the same circle over and over! :O There were so many stalls that there was just too much to look at! However lots of stalls sell the same. After walking about 2 hours on the market we were becoming a bit dizzy because of all the different smells on the market. Every step we took we smelled something new. However the food is really incredible. We ate a thai chicken kebab and it was delicious! Hereafter we walked around some more. We didn’t buy a lot though! There were a lot of beautiful Buddha’s, but this seems to be a problem to export to Holland. Also lots of beautiful art, but a bit too expensive for our wallet.

In the evening we took a bus to Kanchanaburi. We already booked a room at My Home Guesthouse and paid for it. BUT when we arrived at our hotel, after our 3 hour bus ride, the lady working at the hotel looked really surprised when we showed her our voucher. She said: “No room, we full three days” and we were like “we booked already and paid” but she kept repeating there’s no room! Luckily there was another couple sitting there who referred us to the owner of the place. He spoke good English and immediately tried to come up with a solution.  He therefore transferred his friend to his own room, so there was one room free where we could stay in.  The owner was very kind, he helped us with everything.

The next day we rented a scooter and went to Erawan national park, which was about 70 km. Luckily the scooter could drive 100km per hour, although we didn’t drive that hard!

The waterfalls were really beautiful! And they have dr. fish in it! Not only the small ones but also the big ones where swimming here. It was really amazing and tickling to feel the fish sucking on your skin. There are 7 waterfalls in Erawan. The first 4 waterfalls are really close to eachother, the other ones are a bit of a walk. The walk is through the forest and you have to climb over rocks and walk over very slippery paths. Also make sure you will be there in time, because the later it gets the more tourists will be in this place.

After visiting Erawan we went back to our guesthouse. We ate something in the city and went to bed pretty early. The next day we took a bus back to Bangkok (AGAIN), because we have to take a flight to Chiang Mai there. We booked the bus at 2 pm, it arrived at 3 pm. And with all the traffic we were in Bangkok at 7 pm.

Today we´re in the airport waiting for our flight to Chiang Mai.  Stay tuned for our next adventures.



Rafael and Aimée

The small city of ayutthaya


Dear followers, ( sorry we’re behind schedule cuz we’re way too busy)


Today we’re heading to Ayutthaya, Aimée still isn’t feeling well. But felt okay to get into a bus. We woke up at 7.00am Hoping to get the bus at 9.00am and arrive in Ayutthaya around 10.30am. Well that didn’t work out. We arrived at 13.30pm. So this took us a little more time to expected. This was caused by the skytrain that was overly full! So we didn’t fit in there with our backpacks. When we finally fitted in we went to Mo chit station. Here we had to walk through a pretty big park, while it was super hot and we didn’t eat anything yet. When we finally arrived at the bus terminal, we experienced our next little adventure. There was a ticket counter right outside the station, with official signs and everything, selling tickets to Ayutthaya for 200thb per person. We thought this was way too much, but since all the prices went up compared to what the lonely planet reports, we thought this was okay. But when the driver brought us to the bus and we had to go inside, we saw that the whole place was FULL of ticket counters.  We walked just through it and followed the driver. But arriving at the “bus” this was a little minivan! We knew that we had to take a coach instead of a minivan, so we started a little discussion. To our surprise we got our money back and we went to the next ticket counter. Here, tickets were sold for 65thb, which was already a lot cheaper than the little minivan. But walking further into the station we found a ticket for only 50thb. So this was the one we took.

Arrived in Ayutthaya we visited a couple of wats. Very beautiful and much less tourists than in Bangkok. People are also much nicer here.

The next day we visited 2 other wats and the floating market. The wats are all really beautiful and quite. After visiting the wats we had a little stop at Lung Lek, highly recommended in the lonely planet, so we thought we should definitely try. But unfortunately, it was quite disappointing compared to our earlier meals. It didn’t really taste like much. But okay! It is nicely located in between some wats. We met a little babygirl at the restaurant which was very cute, and super curious. We gave her some cookies and made some beautiful pictures of her, which she obviously wanted to see on the little screen on the back. 😀

After lunch we went to the floating market, which was pretty nice, but again lots of tourists! You could ride elephants here, see tigers, feed fish from a baby bottle and lots of other stuff. Furthermore there were a lot of food stalls and stalls selling other little things. Tonight we’re heading back to Bangkok to visit the famous chatuchak market tomorrow!



Rafael & Aimée

Impressive Bangkok

Dear Followers,

Today we went to the grand palace, this time we took the bus, which went pretty smoothly. The grand palace is pretty beautiful, but there are way too many tourists, which makes it very hard to enjoy the place. We walked through the palace pretty fast and headed to Songkrahn forensic museum. We took a boat to the other side of the river which was pretty hectic. At the other side we had to walk through a little market, selling A LOT of food!

We bought a coconut from one food stall and enjoyed it. The museum itself is pretty hard to find, because you have to walk through alleys. But if you just ask a local, they are happy to help you. Once we got there, we paid an entrée fee of 200 thb per person, which allows you to enjoy 5 museums. We think this 200thb in this museum was a better investment than the grand palace, but it depends on what you like. Soooo the museums are really shocking, because they show real preserved babies , lots of human parts, a head slided in two parts, body parts with tattoos on them from unidentified people drowned in the tsunami (tourists), mummified rapists etc. We were a bit lightheaded while visiting this museum but it is really impressive!

Later at night, when we got back to the hotel, Aimée wasn’t feeling well. So we went to bed early. She puked the whole night. Luckily Rafael was there to comfort her. Hopefully she will be better for tomorrow, because we’re heading to Ayutthaya.

Stay tuned for our next adventure


Rafael & Aimée

Bangkok Pingpong Show

Dear Followers,

The second day we were actually planning to go to the grand palace. But we woke up pretty late and still had to have breakfast. So we took the sky-train to Siam and were planning to get a bus over there. But after asking directions to about 20 people and asking which bus to take, everybody didn’t know and nobody spoke English. So we decided to start walking with the help of our little map. While walking we incidentally asked some people for directions to check if we were still walking in the right direction. When telling we were walking to the grand palace they say we were crazy! Haha. And YES we were. After about 8 kilometers or something, we arrived at the grand palace. Here people told us that it was Buddhist day and all temples were closed and that they could arrange some other trips. We obviously didn’t fall for that one! They also told us that we could not enter the grand palace without long pants and had to go elsewhere. It is true though, that we had to wear long pants, but you can borrow some inside the grand palace. There are also hundreds of street sellers at the entrance of the grand palace selling long pants and telling you cannot enter without. You better just walk inside and borrow a pants or skirt for I think 200thb, which you get back after returning the clothes. Furthermore the entrance fee has increased to 500thb p.p. which is pretty expensive in my opinion.  With some big blisters from the flipflops, we walked to the bus station, from which we took a bus back to the skytrain. This only cost 7 thb per person doesn’t matter where you get of! WHY THE HELL DID WE WALK? Hahaha..

At night we went to Patpong market near the train station. Here you can visit the night market, which is one long street selling all sorts of souvenirs and clothes. In the alley  there are a lot of bars offering pingpong shows, if you know what we mean in thai terms (where thai  girls shoot pingpong balls with their….. 😉 you know what we’re trying to say here). Obviously we didn’t go there, although we were kind of curious how they did it. We did get some offers  to go to these pingpong shows.. but kindly denied.


Rafael & Aimée

IMG_1523 IMG_1482 IMG_1374

Our flight to Bangkok

Dear followers,

We’re sorry that it took us so long, but the internet in our current hotel is very slow and we have to pay for it. So we rarely use it! Also we have been pretty busy thus far and therefore not enough time to write about it. But WE’RE IN BANGKOK!!!! And it’s soooooo hot!

Our flight to Doha, which was our first stop, was really nice! We flew with Qatar and we had the pleasure to fly with a very new plane! It contained windows which colored darker instead of the old fashioned curtains. We’ve never seen this before! But it was pretty awesome.

When we landed in Qatar it was about 23pm Qatar time and still 37 degrees Celcius, so we were pretty happy we didn’t have an earlier flight. The bus brought us to the terminal and the accompanied shopping area. Here you could shop for the newest Lamborghini a BMW 7 special limited limousine edition or a bottle of alcohol for about €12.000. Because this was somewhat over our budget, we only bought a bottle of water J

Pretty fast after that, it was boarding time! We had to take the bus which would take us to our plane. WHAT A RIDE! We didn’t even notice that the airport was so big, until we went with the bus to our plane! This was a complete city. Gigantic!

The flight to Bangkok seemed never ending. But we made it to Bangkok airport 😉 From here we took the skytrain to our hotel. This went pretty smooth, especially because the hotel is right in front of one station.

Arrived at the hotel we showered and figured we had to beat the jetlag, and just go on without sleeping. Great idea! NOT! Super tired, we went to the Siam shopping center, which was way to expensive for us. Then we went to MBK mall, which also has some stalls in it selling clothes, shoes, souvenirs and a lot of other things. They also have a food island on the 6th floor at which we ate three very nice dishes for about 170 THB (€4.19).



Rafael & Aimée

IMG_1258 IMG_1266 IMG_1283 IMG_1296 IMG_1306

Itinerary Thailand and Malaysia

Dear Followers,

It’s been a while, but we’re busy planning our trip and finishing all our school stuf. We finally agreed which places we’re going to visit in Thailand and Malaysia.

In less than 2 months we’re on a plane to Bangkok 😀 Soooo excited!

Suggestions on off the beaten track/path routes or activities are more than welcome!You can also make donations to fund our trip..   :O hihi.. just kidding! well we’re still students..!

Our Itinerary

Places we’re going to visit in Thailand :
Chiang Mai

Places we’re going to visit in Malaysia :
Kuala Lumpur
Cameron Highlands
Perhentian Island


Rafael & Aimée
















Our new travel plans

Hi dear followers!

As you might know we went to Vietnam in the summer of 2011. This was the first time we ever backpacked. It all started with the stories of some friends of ours, about their experiences with backpacking. They went backpacking in several Asian countries, like Sri lanka and Thailand. Every time they came back, they told us their great adventures and stories and showed us some pictures. They said that backpacking is a whole new experience and can never be experienced by doing these organized trips (as we did in Egypt 2009 and 2010).

Of course, all inclusive resorts can be very relaxing, but you don’t have the opportunity to get to know the country and travel around. We think it’s a pitty when you travel to a foreign country but can’t experience the “real” people of the country your in and their every day live.

So back to our friends!! Their stories made us curious about how it would be to go to an unknown country without all the organizations usually made by tour agencies.

So we decided to look for tickets on the internet. Pretty fast we came up with Vietnam! Why? That’s what a lot of people asked us.. well…. Because it was the cheapest ticket! hahaha yeah already a backpacker’s mentality.

So we did some research about the country, we bought a backpack and we went to Vietnam. We travelled from north to south, completely on our own, and we have to say that this was really the best experience we ever had.

So this year we decided to go to Thailand & Malaysia.. for 46 days! So we have more than enough time to make beautiful pictures. We will go in July and will keep you updated during our trip.

In the menu: Travel, You can navigate to Thailand or Malaysia to read about our newest adventures.

For the dutch people there is also :


Rafael & Aimée