Hi dear followers!

As you might know we went to Vietnam in the summer of 2011. This was the first time we ever backpacked. It all started with the stories of some friends of ours, about their experiences with backpacking. They went backpacking in several Asian countries, like Sri lanka and Thailand. Every time they came back, they told us their great adventures and stories and showed us some pictures. They said that backpacking is a whole new experience and can never be experienced by doing these organized trips (as we did in Egypt 2009 and 2010).

Of course, all inclusive resorts can be very relaxing, but you don’t have the opportunity to get to know the country and travel around. We think it’s a pitty when you travel to a foreign country but can’t experience the “real” people of the country your in and their every day live.

So back to our friends!! Their stories made us curious about how it would be to go to an unknown country without all the organizations usually made by tour agencies.

So we decided to look for tickets on the internet. Pretty fast we came up with Vietnam! Why? That’s what a lot of people asked us.. well…. Because it was the cheapest ticket! hahaha yeah already a backpacker’s mentality.

So we did some research about the country, we bought a backpack and we went to Vietnam. We travelled from north to south, completely on our own, and we have to say that this was really the best experience we ever had.

So this year we decided to go to Thailand & Malaysia.. for 46 days! So we have more than enough time to make beautiful pictures. We will go in July and will keep you updated during our trip.

For the dutch people there is also :


Rafael & Aimée



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